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castelbrac and its history

More than a hotel, Castelbrac is a place of memory and healing, facing the sea and sky.

A 25-room hotel settled in a 19th century villa, it became a marine research station and aquarium in 1934, due to the initiative of Commander Charcot. How Villa Bric à Brac became Hotel Castelbrac is an exceptionally rich story.

Built by the English Faber family who founded Dinard, the villa has seen succession for 130 years, starting with an English colonel, a hero of the Crimean War - Robert William Hamilton. Then came the cream-of-the crop of the French National Scientific Research Museum of Natural History - Commander Jean-Baptiste Charcot. The pride of the founders of this seaside resort and marine station, the great history came through the gates of Castelbrac.

We renovated the buildings and resort to make it welcoming to our guests - a place for healing and wellbeing. At Castelbrac, beauty and history meet. Also, because we think luxury and respect for the environment are compatible, we conducted this project with an eco-responsible approach and conscious control of energy consumption.