The Suite Cocoon offers body treatments and facials with Thémaé products that are tea and spring water based. Our mission is allowing you to live unique daily experiences of wellbeing, thanks to the convergence of many cultures and ancient influences that make up our care ceremonies.

This beautiful philosophy of wellness is that sublime tea, in all its forms, also comes alive in a line of cosmetics that clearly display their intended effectiveness. Dedicated to the face and the body, these beautiful textures and lovely scents, with unexpected and subtle notes of tea, result in a promise of wellbeing.

Developed by an expert laboratory that followed very strict and rigorous guidelines, Complexe des 4 Thés® was formulated (4 tea elixir - antioxidant green tea blend, regenerating white tea, rooibos soothing "red tea", and stimulating black tea) using pure spring water. These treatments are true treasures for the skin and gradually transform and rejuvenate with each application.

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