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Restaurant Pourquoi Pas

At our restaurant "Pourquoi Pas" Chef Julien Hennote offers a wide selection of seafood.

The restaurant 28 couverts was housed in a large room that opened on Prieuré Bay, where commander Charcot himself paced, dreaming of his future expeditions on his "Pourquoi-pas?". The philosophy of the cuisine is similar to the spirit of Castelbrac, summarized in one word: "simplicity". Behind that word is a high demand for the level of "product quality" and sourcing "local products". These two criteria are the right vector of flavour: "What interests me is the taste". Commited to highlighting the land and the high quality of local products, along with a rational consumer approach, we work with the best producers in the region, such as a butcher who sells a variety of free-range veal called "Bretanin" raised on whole milk. However, we look to the ocean for much of our cuisine: "we practically have our feet in the water, so we will focus on seafood.".

Chef Julien Hennote and his team offer a menu adapted to each dining venue at Castelbrac.

Restaurant "Le Pourquoi Pas": an elaborate cuisine from high quality local products, evening menu "Lord Hamilton" that changes every Thursday, and "Scallops" menu.
The Aquarium Bar has a selection of cocktails and small savory dishes from 11:00am to Midnight.
The Tea Room, with homemade pastries and a wide variety of Lindfield teas, is open from 2:30pm to 5:30pm.